Workshops and Webinars

Times and dates have not been finalized for the following programs.  Most are offered as both workshops and webinars.

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Each piece of the Wellness Puzzle can help or harm the others.

Bridging the Silos of Care

Learn how professionals who provide medical, emotional, social or spiritual care can have more success, while supporting goals for other pieces of the Wellness Puzzle  

Helping Your Workers to Be Their Best

Learn how the same three skills can help working caregivers – and all your employees – to have less stress, better health and increased sensitivity to those whose gender, generation, race, religion or sexual orientation is different than yours.

For webinars….  YOUR MICROPHONES and VIDEO CAMERAS WILL BE “OFF” DURING THE WEBINAR, but you will have the option to turn them on to wave and say “hello” to us at the end.

We can turn individual microphones and cameras on, if you “raise your hand” to ask a question. You will also be able to ask questions and make comments at any time using the “chat” feature during the webinar.

Future Offeringss will include:


Caring Teams Training – a three part WORKSHOP for family and friends of participants in Complete Senior Care