Honored by AARP as “a simple mind-body-spirit program for seniors, adults and teens of any faith… or no faith.”

Do you want Less Stress, Better Health and More Love  for yourself and others?  Bolster your immune system through mindfulness and other stress management techniques?  Work more closely with you doctor and other health professionals?

We offer a simple system in which the same skills can be used by seniors, adults and teens to solve each piece of the wellness puzzle.  Please browse or download our  FREE BOOKLET.

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Our materials, videos and/or webinars  will help you to:

  • learn four Satisfaction Skills that encourage you and your whole “caring team”  (i.e., friends, family, professionals, volunteers and aides) to reduce stress to bolster immunity, as well as improve communication; forgive yourself, others and God; and reduce the “stupid-vision” that causes us to just see the bad things when we are in a bad mood.
  • create a  Learning Plan  to encourage collaboration between you, professionals and the rest of your caring team, while continually improving  the quality of your care
  • follow a Planning Poem to make sure you get ALL the help you need.

You may also wish to explore The Friendship Trilogy: Three Novels about Music, Forgiveness and Healing.   It explores some of the themes we teach through the eyes of Susan and Donna, whose friendship begins in the Bahamas on the day Martin Luther King was killed.   It ends when Donna disappears during the terror attack on the Twin Towers, a day after she was expelled from her ministry for choosing the Golden Rule over church rules.