…for caregivers

Do you want more support from family and friends?  …to work more closely with your doctor?  …and find all the help that is available?   Our “Less Stress, Better Health and More Love” booklet can help, and so can our webinars and workshops.   Read on to explore three strategies that can help you AND your loved ones.

1) Help yourself first by reading “Choose Your Goals” (pp. 2-3) in  “Less Stress, Better Health and More Love, 

  • After you’ve checked off the topics that are most important to you (on page 3)  begin to recruit your “caring team” (friends, family, aides, professionals, volunteers) using the suggestions that are pictured below.

 2) Discuss the ideas in “Less Stress…”  with friends, family, co-workers, members of your faith community, etc.

3) Develop a personal “Learning Plan” (as shown on page 15 and pictured below) with the professionals who provide your medical, emotional and spiritual care.  Ask your  friends and family for support, and ask them to join you in becoming healthier and happier  (as suggested on page 3).  Discuss what’s working, and what isn’t!

This project is supported by a generous grant from the Ralph C. Wilson Legacy Funds at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo.