Sixty Seconds of Satisfaction

Sixty Second Satisfaction Steps

  •  Focus your awareness on the sensation of taking two deep breaths.
    • If you’d like, imagine you’re breathing in a sense of peace, and breathing out tension.
  • For the next two breaths, affirm two things you are grateful for.
    • For example: a friend, a sunny day, music, your health
    • On each out-breath think,  “Thank you.”
  • For the next two breaths, assert your intention to improve your life by naming one or two of your goals.
    • For example:  “I want a life of love”; “I want less stress”; “I want be be happier.”

If spirituality is important:

  • Use the affirmation breaths to thank Good
  • Use the assertive breaths to express your spiritual goals, wants or needs.
    • For example:  “Lord, I want to feel Your love” or “Spirit, guide me.”