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Awareness or mindfulness is the choice to focus on what’s most helpful, such as

  • The present moment, instead of a troubled past or a fearful future
  • Someone else’s perspective, rather than just your point of view
  • Focusing your attention on your breath or a peaceful thought
  • The spiritual, physical, emotional or social aspect of a situation

Most of us stay stressed because our mind is “stuck” focusing on something that happened in the past, or anticipating something that might happen in the future.

Yet, our minds are like searchlights. You can choose to focus on the past, the future or some aspect of the present.

How often are you focused on the present moment instead of being upset about the past or worried about the future?

Past problems and future fears can distract you from signs and symptoms that are important to notice.  Anger, guilt and fear also keep you from experiencing peace of mind.

Awareness can help you and others on your caring team to have more peace of mind.


The videos below will guide you in practicing awareness, but there are many ways you can do this.  For example, the seniors  (brothers, sisters and friends) in one family formed on an online group (using a free Zoom account) to encourage each other to practice the mindfulness skills presented in Mindfulness: An Eight Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World  (a very readable and excellent resource from a leading expert)