Caregiver Stories and COVID Solutions

At first, Dr. Tom DeLoughry was overwhelmed as his mother’s caregiver – despite being an Assistant Professor in Family Medicine and Public Health with recognized expertise in each of her three illnesses. Afterward, he wrote What I Wish I Knew (available now on Amazon) – ten short stories about his stumbles, strategies, and successes – which was honored by AARP’s Social Impact Award as “a simple mind-body-spirit program for seniors, adults and teens of any faith… or no faith.” It has been well-received by family caregivers, as well as those providing medical, emotional and spiritual care.

In his new edition – called Caregiver Stories and COVID Solutions (available in March), -he draws on his experience as Director of drug abuse and adolescent services in Child Psychiatry at Buffalo Children’s’ Hospital; Director of Health Management Services for a large managed care organization; and chair of Older Adult Ministries for the Upper New York Conference of the United Methodist Church to show how three generations can help themselves and each other to:

  • Stop stress and experience more love

    The Wellness Puzzle

  • Manage chronic and infectious illnesses, including COVID 19.
  • Improve the quality of your medical, emotional and spiritual care
  • Create a “caring team” to get support and reduce hospitalizations
  • Learn how each piece of your Wellness Puzzle can help or harm the other pieces
  • Help yourself by helping others
  • Plan for life’s final chapter
  • Address environmental and social factors that threaten our wellness.

These “Caregiver Stories”  – as well as his leadership positions in mental health, health care and spiritual care – inspired three novels: The Friendship Trilogy

Friendship  (book one) is available now as a free Amazon Unlimited e-book.